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LCU held Ground-Breaking Research Capacity Building Workshop

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It was a parade of highly stimulating and scholastic presentations by world-class scholars at Lead City’s 2-Day Research Capacity-Building Workshop (September 20 & 21, 2016) organised by the University Research Committee.

With the Vice Chancellor Prof Olufemi Onabajo blazing the trail as he opened the floor for a flurry of illustrious presentations. He harped on the true essence of research and that the university is only as relevant as its research is functional. The Vice Chancellor also applauded the University Research Committee led by Prof William Akerele for a job well done.

Highly revered Economist and Dean, Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Prof William Akerele presented a most compact Research Policy Document Proposal for Lead City University, discussing critical areas such as ethics and funding among others. Prof Akerele reiterated that Lead City University places high premium on impactful research, adding that research and research-led teaching are primary responsibilities of the academic staff. Prof Akerele charged all participants to take closer look at the proposal and bring up other items that need revision and/or deletion.Erudite Professor of Guidance and Counselling, Prof Donald Odeleye then took the stage with specific instructions on effective Handling of Students Projects and Theses. While appreciating the unusual circumstances that lecturers found themselves nowadays with the quality of studentship, Prof Odeleye declared that much can be achieved and remedied if supervisors would be in loco parentis to their respective supervisees. Prof Odeleye stated that both supervisor and supervisee should endeavour to honour scheduled meeting periods as much as possible.

If Day 1 was pulsating, Day 2 was an exciting climax to such a wonderful cerebral adventure! Two multiple grant-award winners, Prof Oluwadayo Sonibare of Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan and Prof Samuel Oladipo, Deputy Director, Academic Planning and Quality Assurance, Tai Solarin University of Education were a bunch of elucidation and encouragement to the participants. They both counselled on the need for mentoring and that the senior academics should deliberately seek out their junior colleagues. They severally and individually pointed out that academics can thrive on grants as long as they are willing to work hard and stay undaunted even when their proposals are rejected.

While both professors gave presentation on Writing Fundable Research Proposals (Science and Social Science Perspectives respectively), their clichés were obvious. While Prof Sonibare is a prolific scientist who knows his onions, Prof Oladipo is an out-of-the-box psychologist teacher. Both of them had superb deliveries on the nitty gritty of writing award/grant-winning proposals but advised that teamwork is the in-thing now and that academics should begin to look beyond their locality.

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