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The motto of the University is “Knowledge for Self-reliance”. This is in recognition of the power of education to challenge inequality in the quest to have access to resources for entrepreneurship and self-reliance.


The cap on the logo represents knowledge, research and academic excellence while the shield embodies the concept of “Knowledge as an amour for self-reliance”. The Orbiting Satellite indicates that the University will be “Technology driven”. The Book represents access to knowledge while the Flame represents burning desire for knowledge.

Colours of Lead City University

Blue represents imagination and creativity Pink represents passion for human development  White represents peace and serenity of the academic environment


The mission of the University is to contribute to the development of tertiary education in Nigeria by providing qualitative access to knowledge and training, with innovative and challenging teaching techniques that guarantee a balanced education.


The vision of the University is to be a centre of excellence, a unique, urban-based University, specialising in Social Sciences, Law, Applied Sciences, Information and Communication Technology.

Currently in its sixteenth academic session. Lead City University, Ibadan (LCU) is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It has graduated nine sets of students.

The school offers various programmes suitable for both the young adolescents and adult working class. It indeed recognises the need to accomodate the time constraints to individuals and therefore provides flexibility by allowing for a choice between part-time & full-time study schemes. Programmes are offered by specialized faculties in Social Sciences & Entrepreneurial Studies, Information Technology & Applied Sciences and Law.

To Ensure that the University remains at the forefront of the latest developement in the field of Information Technology and Management education, our have optimal access to data, Information and Knowledge through state-of-the-art Computer Facilities, Inter Linkage, Electronic Library, Audiovisual Aids and Student-friendly course materials.

Character, Conduct and Service

At Lead City University, Students at all levels are expected to comply with the university dress code, exhibit satisfactory moral conduct and exemplary behaviour, provide service to the community and engage in sporting/extra-curricular activities.

Opportunity for Additional Qualifications

It is mandatory for all undergraduate students of Lead City University to register with and pass the examinations of at least one recognised Professional / Vocational trade body during the course of their studentship in the University. It is believed that the additional Professional / vocational qualifications shall enhance students' chances for job competition or self employment.

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Direct Contacts

  • Senate/Council Affairs - 0815 331 8703   |   Registrar's Office - 0815 331 8702
  • Academic Planning - 0815 331 8765    |   Security Gate House - 0815 331 8766
  • Fees Office - 0815 331 8764   |   LCU Hospital - 0815 331 8767

For urgent enquiries on admission and fees, please contact our call center:
0908 899 9145, 0908 899 9149

WhatsApp:  0815 331 8702

Email Us 
Result Verification, Complaints, Transcripts & other enquiries: registrar@lcu.edu.ng OR leadcity@lcu.edu.ng
Undergraduate Admissions: admissions@lcu.edu.ng
Postgraduate Admissions: pgschool@lcu.edu.ng , pgcollege@lcu.edu.ng