The Recycling Station on our campus, is a symbolic model of our commitment towards environmental sustainability. The 3Rs model of Waste Management and Environmental Sustainability stands for REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. We have a model representing a PET Bottle, as a Recycle bin in Our University.

PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, is a clear, strong and lightweight plastic belonging to the polyester family.PET is inert and resistant to attack by micro-organisms, To make the most of PET's environmental benefits and sustainability, consumers and businesses need to actively participate in recycling.


The PET bottle or jar that you place in a recycling bin today can be collected and recycled into a wealth of products for tomorrow. PET can be recycled into new PET containers, carpet, clothing, protective packaging, industrial strapping, automotive parts, construction materials, even the felt for tennis balls, and tennis ball canisters.

Hence, recycling PET bottles and containers is a simple and environmentally responsible way to a more sustainable future where Circular Economy becomes a cost-effective living that guarantees Sustainable Revenue creation. So, henceforth, we have resolved to use the “Recycle Bin” but not the “Trash Can" when we dispose of PET bottles.



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