March 15, 2021

Published March 15, 2021

Welcome to 2nd Semester: Your Future is Assured.

In no other field of human endeavors is change inevitable than in the furtherance of human knowledge. Your choice to continue your studies in Lead City University is undoubtedly informed by the fact that you don't want to leave your destiny to chance.
Expectedly, Lead City University is poised to meet and even exceed the expectations of the present and future generation of those who seek knowledge in its specialized areas and particularly fulfils the increasing demands by students, parents and society for an improvement in the people's quality of life.
The vision, mission, core values and culture of the university are products of genuine and sustainable behavior of all facets of the university's administration and academic research, teaching and public service. Our penchant for quality assurance is insatiable. Our strong corporate brand architecture and integrated communications have enhanced the favorable positioning the university is occupying today. Many have wondered how buildings grow like corns at LCU. Many who have studied long enough in LCU would have seen the emergence of a new look campus and benefited from the facilities. Billions of Naira has been committed into buildings projects and provision of state of the art facilities.
Apart from physical facilities and the relaxed ambience of the university, LCU possesses what professor Peter Okebukola described as “the defining attribute of world class universities”. We boast of a high proportion of top-rate researchers and teachers, many of whom are making marks in global academic circles.
While the university continually fulfils its educational goals of maintaining a fair, humane, responsible and non-discriminatory environment for both students and staff, the management enjoins the students (new and returning) to live your dreams at Lead City University – an incredibly vibrant institution that is brimming with self-confidence; an ideal place for modern learning. The lectures have started. Don't miss any. The lectures are also highly interactive. To make a 1st class is easy if you start now.
Welcome to your future, welcome to second semester, 2020/2021 session, welcome to Lead City University.
Staff & Students: Beware of Group Chat Invite
An unknown person masquerading as LCU student with code named Mark, and with questionable names – Ajagungbade Jaforie, on March 5, 2021 sent a link to all Lead City University Students, lecturers and co-opted some management officers, into the Group Chat named “LCU Students' Complaints Commission”, registered with a foreign number - +(619)728-3260 and with the name MARK.
The criminal and impostor, named Comrade Mark Ajagungbade Jaforie almost succeeded in using the platform to incite the students against the Management of the University with a proposed planned protest scheduled to hold on Monday 8th of March in front of the University Senate building. However the University Intelligence Service responded swiftly. The criminal promoter of the said platform is currently on the run while the matter has been reported to the appropriate authorities.
Some students in a particular Faculty have also been fingered as collaborators in this criminal behavior. The University is already investigating their level of culpability and appropriate sanctions will be meted out to them in due course. Such anonymous and faceless group chats make the university vulnerable to hateful attacks by uninformed bloggers and irresponsible social media handlers. Staff and students should beware and refrain from indiscriminate membership of chat groups, fake and spurious whatsApp platforms, particularly if activities of such platforms impinge on the reputation of the University.
Students should note that the only students' group recognized by the University Management, and which interfaces with the University on behalf of the students on a regular basis, is the “LCU Ambassadors”.
Students can also personally forward their grievances or complaints to the university management through the respective Dean of Faculties. Students should please note this diagram:


Dangers of Crossing Freeways, Particularly The Lagos-Ibadan Freeway: Important Notice to Staff & Student
This is to inform the staff and students to be extra cautious and careful when crossing the Lagos-Ibadan Freeway (popularly called expressway). The road is currently undergoing some upgrades and during constructions of this magnitude, massive construction equipments (e.g pay loaders, trucks etc.) will constitute danger to human life and property.
We wish to encourage everyone to be vigilant and observant as well as be patient, when crossing this road.
This is to notify the students of Lead City University and the entire University Community of an unknown person Codename, Mark, with questionable names-Comrade Mark AjagungbadeJaforie, the anchor of the Group Chats named “LCU Students' Complaints Commission”, and “Lead City Complaint”, that this faceless, illegal Chat Group(s) do not have the authorisation of the Management of Lead City University.
The criminal promoter of the said platform(s) has been reported to the appropriate authorities. Students and staff who are currently on the platform(s) are enjoined to exit themselves immediately so as not to be captured in the web of criminal accomplices during police investigation, since ignorance is not an excuse in Law.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
Virtual Workshop on Research
The British Council on behalf of the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission is organising a 2-day virtual workshop on Research Collaborations and Grant Writing. The workshop will focus on how to develop effective funding proposals which meet funders’ call specifications and how to develop sustainable research collaborations. We encourage everyone to participate by registering as this workshop will be useful.

The details of the event are as follows:

Day 1 – Research Collaboration Workshop
Date: Wednesday 17 March 2021
Time: 4:00pm-5:30pm (WAT)
Day 2 – Grant Writing Workshop
Date: Thursday 18 March 2021
Time: 4:00pm-5:30pm (WAT)
Register here:

Task Force on Dress Code Swings to Action
As from this semester, a 5-man taskforce on the enforcement of dress code, will on regular basis monitor students’ level of compliance to the approved University dress code. The members are: Dr. Ayobami Owolabi, Dr. Simeon Ola-Oni, Lt. A. K. Oluade (Rtd), Dr. Tolu Adenekan and Mrs. Ayanjompe.
Specifically, the 5-man taskforce has been mandated to pay unscheduled visit to classrooms, laboratories, studios etc. and any student found contravening the approved dress code of the University will be penalized on the spot. The penalty ranges from a minimum fine of N5,000 for first offender to suspension for a period not less than one semester or total expulsion.

Lecturers should also be vigilant and assist in enforcing this policy. A lecturer will be found culpable or must have compromised the standard if five students were found to be improperly dressed in his/her class. The name of the lecturer will be forwarded to the office of the Registrar for appropriate sanction.
Though, we provide a university environment that allows academic freedom and modernity with cutting edge facilities, we however do not equate secularity with unfettered obscenity in the name of fashion. We cannot afford to shrink from our responsibilities as “in loco parentis” (local parent) to our students.
For further details on the approved dress code, please visit the university website:

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