Volume 2 Number 1

Volume 2 Number 1

A Publication of the Faculty of Law, Lead City University, lbadan, Nigeria
Vol 2, No 1 January - June, 2016 

Divorce in Nigeria's Dual Marriage System: Did Jadaimi v Okotie-Ebob Rest the Issue?
Michael Attab

A Juxtaposition of Legal Personality under the Common and Islamic Laws
Dr. Hanafi. A. Hammed and Dr. A.A. Owoade

A Legal Appraisal of the Procedural Deficit in the Conditions Precedent to the Suits against the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
Ademola 0. Ojekunle

Accrual of Cause of Action in Torts of Defamation of Character and the Available Defences
Abubakar Shehu Ahmad Tijani and J.O Olatoke

African Women in the Cross-Currents of Customary and Contemporary Law: Idealism and Reality in Conflict
Mary-Ann Ajayi

An X-Ray of Dispute Systems Design in Nigeria
Shittu A. Bello and Olufemi Abifarin

Assisted Suicide Rulings in South Africa and New Zealand: A Contrasting Twist and the Nigerian Situation
B.A Omipidan Ph.D

Human Rights and the Judiciary: Islamic Law Perspective
Ahmad Hussein Folorunsho1 and Abedulqadir Ibrahim Abikan Ph.D

Indigenizing Corporate Ideology for Better Corporate Governance
Dr. (Mrs) Kathleen B. Okafor

The Requirement for Payment of Tax as a Condition for Elections in Nigeria: Another View
Prof Rasheed Jimoh ljaodola

Privatisation, Deregulation and Good 'fax System: The Alchemy of Public Corporations in Nigeria
S.M. Olokooba, J. 0. Olatoke and Mohammed Bala

Tax Enforcing of the Self-Employed Persons Income in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges and Solutions
S.M. Olokooba and Ali, Chinenye Felicia

The Desirability or Otherwise of State Police in Nigeria — The Legal Framework
Joel Adlusi Adeyeye, Esq

The Emerging Structure of Employee Participation in Corporate Governance
Dr. (Mrs) Kathleen E. Okafor

The Role of Media in Conflict Resolution and Management in Nigeria
Olanike Adelakun-Odewale

An Overview of Corporate Governance Codes in Nigeria
Gbenga Aderibigbe

Revisiting the Complementarity Regime of the International Criminal Court: The Role of African States and Challenges
J.O Adedoyin-Raji, Ph.D. and L.A. Abdulrauf

The Land Use Act, 1978: A Reformative and Revolutionary Property Legislation in Nigeria
S.M Abdulmalik Esq and S.A Omisore PhD

A Critical Re-Examination of the Principle of Corporate Personality and Limited Liability
Clement Chigbo Odiaka N. Oluchukwu

The Legal Regime of Noise Pollution in Nigeria
Hakeem Ijaiya, Ph.D

Legal Framework Towards Fighting Theft and Kindred Crimes in Nigeria
Kabiru Aderemi - Adeyemo (LL.M;BL)

The Nigerian Legal Framework on the Use of DNA Tests in Child Paternity Disputes Resolution
Aderonke E.A Adegbite

The Role of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)to the Development of International Environmental Law
Hakeem Ijaiya, Ph.D and Shittu A Bello, Ph.D



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