Volume 2 Number 2

Volume 2 Number 2

A Publication of the Faculty of Law, Lead City University, lbadan, Nigeria
Vol. 2, No.  2 July - December, 2016 

An Assessment of the Trajectory of Supreme Courts Decision in Hon. Chigozie and Two Others V. Governor of Abia State and Two Others on The Administration of Local Government in Nigeria
T.O Oyelami

A Critical Appraisal of Armed Conflict Under International Humanitarian Law
Dr. Okubor Cecil Nwachukwu

The Place of Natural Law and Natural Rights in the Criminal Trial of an Accused Person in Nigeria
S.M. Abdulmalik and Nwaechefu Hilary

The Use of Age in Determining Juvenile Culpability: How Relevant in 21st Century?
Simeon Ola Oni

The Travails of the Mortgagors in the Hands of the Mortgagees: An Appraisal of the Relevant Laws
Shittu A. Bello and Adamu Ibrahim

Aviation Security Personnel in Malaysia and Nigeria: Issues and Challenges in the Context of Aviation Security Law
Ismail Mustapha Adua

Personal Immunity of State Officials Cavalier Posture before Foreign Courts: Deconstructing the Panoply
Bright Bazuaye and Michael Attah

Nigeria's Membership of the Commonwealth and Britain's Exit from the European Union: Impact on the Nigerian Economy
J.O. 0latoke

The Challenges of World Trade Organisation (WTO) Dispute Settlement Mechanism
E. Ibu Otor

The Practice of Plea-Bargain in Nigeria: An Antidote for, or Provocative Harbinger of corruption
Prof A. Toriola Oyewo

Corporate Personality: A Shield to Company's Members? Salomon V. Salomon Revisited
Olusegun Onakoya and Simeon Ola Oni

Consciousness and Leadership Questions as Bases for a Human Right to Development in Nigeria
Salim Bashir Masashi

A Reflection of the Role of Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) in Public Issues of Securities and the Structure of the Nigerian Capital Market
Okubor Cecil Nwachukwu

The Cost Effectiveness of 1DR: an Appraisal
L.A. Ayinla, A.I. Adebayo-Clement and Bilikis Ayinla Ahmad

Jurisdictional Issue in an Amendment of the Code of Conduct Tribunal's Act During the Subsistence of a Case
Prof: Rasheed Jimoh ljaodola

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency — An Appraisal of The Law, Practice and Machinery
Mubtar Adeiza Etudaiye, Mohammed Enesi Etudaiye, and Patience N. Tochkwu

The Use of Age in Determining Juvenile Culpability: How Relevant in 21st Century?
Simeon Ohi Oni

Decamping of Political Office Holders in Nigeria: Legal Justification and Reasonability
Dr. A.A. Owoade and Barr. MB. Bad

Exploring the Law, Education and Technology to Curb Piracy
Shittu A. Bello

Child Rights and Protection in Nigeria: Exploring Nexus of Shari'ah, Common and Customary Law Provisions
Abdulraheem Taofeeq Abolaji

Curriculum in International Law in African Universities
Oamide F. Oloyede

The Concept of Heirship and Status of Gifts from Decedent's Estate by Heirs in Islamic Law of, Inheritance
Saka Ismael and Rabia, Saleiman



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