Oyelade Temiloluwa


Written by Oyelade Temiloluwa | 300 Level | Mass Communication and Medi Technology | IG: @temmie.oy


Lead City University has evolved tremendously over the years. The school which was established in 2005 has slowly transcended to become one of the top tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

The growth of the Institution is really evident in the wide range of academic programmes, accommodation, feeding, transportation, facilities, quality personnel and security, amongst others.

Upon my entry into Lead City University, there were about nine hostels only in the school to accommodate the students (Four for the boys and five for the girls). With the increasing female population, all the female hostels at the time were occupied causing me and other new students to be assigned to the guest house. The story has changed today with additional six new hostels since my entry, creating accommodation for about over a thousand students. Many other new hostels are still under construction today.

Feeding in the school has also shown visible improvement. A new cafeteria (the biggest on campus), was set up in 2019 with more space and feeding options for the students encouraging a healthier, balanced diet. This is in addition to the four cafeterias already in place. Feeding registration has also been made easier for the students with the introduction of meal tickets as opposed to the initial signing process.

Also, The Student Union body which wasn’t active has now been brought back to life. The Student Union body has now begun to carry out their responsibility to serve as the intermediary between the students and the management - The Student Union is now responsible for catering for students needs and welfare. Thus, helping to create better relations in the institution. Apart from this umbrella student body, there are also smaller associations in the various faculties and departments in the school that help maintain a mutual relationship.

Recreational activities have increased in the institution. There’s now more to do for relaxation. A lounge has been nicely set up to help entertain students and help them relax. The school’s gym has also been renovated with more equipment to help the students keep fit. There are also indoor and outdoor sporting activities to help ease tension that comes with being a student. In recent times, the tracks were completed, a new pavilion was set up and the basketball court was renovated. With these, there’s now more activities for the students in their leisure time.

A lot of renovations have also been going with the older structures in place. The lecture rooms, lecture theater, conference center and clinic have all undergone renovations. Also, new departments such as the dentistry and ophthalmology department were introduced to the clinic in the past year. The clinic’s ambulance is more functional and more sophisticated equipment have also been purchased to enhance the treatment of its patients.

The school’s senate building were all admission and registration activities occur and which also occupies the offices of the management staff was also newly commissioned in December, 2020. The construction of the senate building has created more organization in the school.

The school’s online portal has now been improved to meet modern day technology. This means that there is an easier way to register your courses, access your results, newsletters and even write exams .

Security in the institution has greatly improved. Curfews are well stated and when disobeyed, serious punishments are melted out to offenders. Police patrols are now very constant and hostel Identity Cards were distributed amongst students who live on campus to differentiate them from those who live outside campus.

Until 2018, there was no means of transportation within the school. Now, there are about eight functional tricycles in the school. This has helped students move easier within the school’s premises.

Every year new options are created for the potential students in various fields. Recently, about seven engineering courses were introduced in the institution. While other new courses are still being introduced, courses such as Nursing, Criminology and Environment Management have also been accredited.

The mission of the University to contribute to the development of tertiary education in Nigeria by providing qualitative access to knowledge and training, with innovative and challenging teaching techniques that guarantee a balanced education is quickly being accomplished.

Without doubt, the growth of Lead City University is emerging.



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