Okonkwo Nkemdilim Krystine


Written by Okonkwo Nkemdilim Krystine | 300 Level | Mass Communication and Media Technology. | IG: @pinkykay.o


School days should be a very exciting and happy time in a young person’s life. I am a beautiful young girl studying graciously in Lead City University. I feel so happy and lucky that I had the opportunity to be admitted into the school in the year 2018. Truly, I am having a marvelous time learning in the school’s environment.

The university makes learning fun for most students and a lot of us do not regret coming to lead city university. Some students and young people say; “learning is really boring and stressful in Nigeria''. But the reverse is the case, at LCU learning is exciting.

I had that thought when I was still in secondary school but as soon as I began furthering my education in Lead City University, I realized that learning can be fun in Nigeria if you go to the right place that suits your mind and Lead City university is a good choice.

I always get opinions from my peers that private schools are hard, and there is no fun in attending them. But I always laugh whenever I hear this because the school I attend is not like that.

Lead City University is created in a way that makes learning, religious activities, morals and social life fun


It also helps in improving the growth and life of every student and even the staff of the University.

My school always puts a permanent thought in my mind that says “Nkem, you are on your own now. It’s left for you to decide what’s best for you in your education and life.”

My school allows every student to make their personal choices and decisions on how they want to live their various lives so far as we are following the school rules and code of conduct in all aspects of school activities. That’s why our motto reads “Knowledge for self reliance “.

Lead City is a University that makes young adults well groomed for Independence, great adulthood, good job offers and approvals in the near future. The school allows each student to take responsibility for their actions, because I believe we young people grow by experiencing and learning from mistakes in different actions and happenings caused by us.

A lot of learning programs , events and activities are being provided and shown to us. It is left for us to decide for ourselves what we want, because I believe that university is a learning area for quality education . One can not learn by being forced to do something. It’s a thing of the mind and self-conviction. Lead City is a University that leads young adults into making the right decisions that will change their lives forever as they continue to grow.

The school has produced a lot of prominent persons we have today in Nigeria in different fields of education, vocational training, talents and skills. Lead City University keeps growing fast and improving greatly, thereby making learning more comfortable, introducing new educational activities and current educational training sessions.

With the help of our hardworking Chairman of the Governing Council & Proprietor, Professor Jide Owoeye and the Board of Directors, there are lots of new building constructions in the school premises. New faculty buildings are in fast construction;

We now have a new mighty Administrative Building named The Senate.

I love the building, it's so fine and comfortable.

In terms of students living on campus, a lot of new quality and comfortable hostels are built and now available for students. More hostels are still under construction. I live in the hostel and I love it because I feel more secure and close to lecture halls.

Living in the hostel is comfortable, conducive and there’s constant power supply.

I am happy we do not stay on bunk beds. We can decide to stay single bedded or have a roommate and if your room is bigger, two roommates. I like the fact that you can not have more than 4 people in a room. The hostel rooms provide enough space for privacy and personal time. Every student needs personal space and a private time.

We students most times do not feel homesick because

Lead City University, Ibadan has everything that a student needs.

A lot of Cafeterias where we eat a variety of meals both English and native, shawarma spot, palatables, suya spot and the rest.

We have a Sports Complex for exercise, training and fitness, a wide conducive field laced in green shining carpet grass for soccer matches and sport competitions . If we feel like swimming, we have a big swimming pool, we have mini marts, unisex beauty parlour for makeovers, shuttles for transportation around the school, laundry services and we even have a school lounge for chilling and relaxation. The school makes student life happy and comfortable.

In conclusion, Lead City University, Ibadan keeps excelling in all areas of education and is not stopping anytime soon. I am most humble to say that I am a proud student of Lead City University.



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