Abah Anita Anyalewa

The New Face and Development of Lead City University, Ibadan

Written by Abah Anita Anyalewa | 300 Level | Mass Communication and Media Technology | IG: @lewa_abah


As a 300 Level student of Lead City University, I quietly watched from the sidelines, as the University grew over the years since I began my studies at the University. This has become an essential part of my life.

Today, I have decided to dedicate my time to research on the ‘New Face and Development of the University’.

The Online Student Portal.

Looking back to when I first gained admission into this prestigious University in 2018, I can tell that a lot has changed between then and now. For instance, I term Lead City University to be one of the best private Universities. I initially had a tough experience during my registration. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, a functional online portal was created for students to register and even check results online! The use of an online presence became part of the school and I personally wrote my 200 level second semester exams online.

This shows that the school could function even without us being physically present in school.

This is a good thing because I can still graduate at my appropriate time, no matter the changes the world may undergo.

The Senate Building

The most prominent building is the Senate building. Some time ago, I passed by Lead City University’s Law Faculty and saw a blue and white building which had been in construction for a while and I confirmed it was a new Senate building. This is a new development to the school which was commissioned on the 17th of December 2020 by His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Abiodun Makinde, the Executive Governor of Oyo State. When I first arrived in 2018, I could only point out the Administrative and Registration Unit building.

This is indeed one of the new faces of the school.

Safe Social Space

One thing I love is spending my weekend somewhere nice, to cool off and hang around my friends. To think I used to have to go out of the school premises sometimes to chill on some weekends really was not convenient or safe for me as a student.

But recently, Vine Lounge opened and now I can chill and relax with my friends on the weekends in the safety and comfort of the University premises.

Wow! Kudos to whoever thought it was a good idea to incorporate a safe social space for students to relax within the school.



The New Transportation System

Lead City University, Ibadan is a lot bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. Back when I first started at the school, I found it hard to get to class on time or even return to the hostel.


I used to walk to class and return under the scorching sun to the hostel. But now with the arrival of campus shuttles, I can get around easily.

New Facilities

At the beginning of my school year, there were fewer hostels but now, brand new hostel structures are being constructed everyday!

I remember how the Enterprise café used to be, it was really small in 2018, but when I returned in 2019, I saw that it had been restructured and other facilities were added to make it even more conducive. Subsidised Meals

A significant change I saw in terms of the food from the university cafeteria was that subsidised meals were increased from 400 hundred naira to 600 hundred naira, with that, there was a great improvement in the quantity and quality of the food. I find this amusing and exciting.

the developments in Lead City University never cease to stop

As we all know change is constant, and I see these great changes have given our school a new modern face through development and even more infrastructure would be incorporated in the coming years.



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