January 2024 Alumnus

January 2024 Alumnus

About the January  2024 Alumnus

The first alumnus to be spotlighted this calendar year is Oluwatobi Sarah OPESADE.  Tobi earned a First Class degree in Physiology in December 2023; she was the Best Graduating Student in her set, with a CGPA of 4.96. She was also the best graduating student in her faculty and her department.

Tobi is currently on an internship programme at Dr. Abayomi M. Ajayi's Neuropharmacology research laboratory at the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Ibadan while she awaits being mobilized for NYSC.

Tobi has big dreams, she plans to further her education so as to deepen her knowledge of the human body which will enable her to stay at the forefront of developments in the field of Physiology. She sees herself participating actively in advancing healthcare through research and community engagement.

We are so proud of Tobi and supportive of her dreams for her future.  Her track record at LCU shows that she has what it take and more to be at the forefront of her career and we wish her all very best.  We look forward to opportunities to collaborate with her in the future both at the Institution level and the Alumni Association level.

The Alumni Spotlight Team


  • Full Name: Oluwatobi Sarah OPESADE
  • Course of Study: Physiology
  • Graduation Year: 2023
  • Current Professional Title: Research Intern
  • Name of Employer (or indicate self-employed, retired): Dr. Abayomi M. Ajayi (University of Ibadan)
  • Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone:0815 639 5232
  • LinkedIn:: Oluwatobi Opesade
  • Facebook: : Oluwatobi Opesade
  • Instagram: Nil
  • Twitter: Nill

Personal Career Statement

After my project defense, I immediately commenced an internship programme at Dr. Abayomi M. Ajayi's Neuropharmacology research laboratory at the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Ibadan in September 2023. I am also currently looking forward to being mobilized for NYSC. Additionally, I plan to pursue opportunities for advanced studies which will allow me to deepen my knowledge of the human body and stay at the forefront of developments in the field of Physiology. In the future, by God's grace, I envision myself actively playing a role in advancing healthcare through research and community engagement.


Q1: Why did you choose to study at LCU?

I chose to study at LCU because my sister was already a student there, making the prospect of attending the same institution very appealing. Also, during my admission process, I was drawn to the beautiful academic environment and the supportive attitude displayed by the university staff. The university also boasts a great Clinical Physiology programme with supportive lecturers, non-teaching staff, and standard facilities.

Q2: What is your favourite memory of LCU; a class, a lecturer, an activity or an experience?

My favorite memory of LCU was being elected as the Academic Director 1 of my Faculty in 2021. It was a dream come true for me and provided an opportunity to assist fellow students on a larger scale.

Q3: What have you done since graduating from LCU?

After my project defense, I commenced an internship program at Dr. Abayomi M. Ajayi's Neuropharmacology research laboratory in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Ibadan, in order to further refine my research and laboratory skills. I am currently in this role as I await mobilization for NYSC.

Q4: What is your current job role? And what does it involve?

As a research intern, I assist my employer, Dr. Abayomi M. Ajayi, and his postgraduate students in the work carried out in his laboratory. This involves actively participating in data collection, conducting neurobehavioural tests, and contributing to research initiatives. Additionally, I play a role in the care of laboratory animals. I also engage in continuous learning and professional development by attending seminars, workshops, and conferences related to neuropharmacology and relevant research areas.

Q5: How did your education at LCU help you get to where you are now?

My education at LCU provided me with the right steppingstone for my current role. In my department, we were encouraged to commence research work early, and I even contributed to research presented at a conference before graduating. My supervisor, Mr. Busayo T. Oladun, was very enthusiastic about neuroscience, and this passion rubbed off on me. With the support of our lecturers, my coursemates and I embarked on very comprehensive final-year projects, offering hands-on experience in the well-equipped Physiology laboratory. By the time I embarked on my current role, I had garnered experience in animal handling and a number of laboratory techniques. I am so proud of the training I received at LCU.

Q6: What advice would you give to prospective students of LCU?

LCU is a great school with all the perks of a private institution: no strikes, a supportive academic environment, and much more. Additionally, there are numerous course options to choose from.

Q7: What advice would you give to LCU’s current students?

Strive for excellence in your studies and all other pursuits and maximize your university experience by actively participating in meaningful extracurricular activities. The sky is your limit!

Q8: Mention one or two of your proudest professional or personal accomplishments since graduating from LCU.

I presented my final-year project at a distinguished biomedical conference a month after my defense! It was a truly great experience.

Q9: If you had it to do all over again, would you still choose LCU?

Yes, my time at the university has been invaluable, shaping my academic and personal growth. I appreciate the positive impact LCU has had on my life, and I would gladly make the same choice again.

Q10: If the opportunity presents itself, will you be happy to support the University or other LCU Alumni?

Yes, I would be more than happy to do so. Contributing to the university's success and fostering connections with fellow alumni aligns with my appreciation for the positive impact LCU has had on my life.



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