July 2023 Alumnus

July 2023 Alumnus

About the July  2023 Alumnus

Our alumnus of the month, Adepoju Ismaila Arowolo Ph.D, a lawyer and a holder of a Doctorate degree in Human Resource Management. He is a Chartered Marketer, registered both in Nigeria and the UK. He is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Administration, Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK), and a Member of the Australian Human Rresource Institute. He is an HR professional with years of experience and a qualified Administrator with vast experience in Marketing, having worked as Head of Marketing. He is currently a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Law, Lead City University, Ibadan where he is studying for a Master of Laws (LL.M).

While he was at LCU for his LL.B (Laws), Adepoju was the Chairman of the Editorial board of Lead City University's Faculty of Law's Law Journal. He had several outstanding achievements and set many records while at LCU.

As a mature student, Adepoju was working, and studying for a Third undergraduate degree in Law and a PhD at the same time.

Adepoju has distinguished himself as a Champion of HR Practice in Government Agencies with exemplary leadership traits.

We are especially proud of Adepoju as he showed by his studentship and his achievements that it is never too late to reach out and achieve your dreams, and once you put your mind to it and you put in the hard work, success would be inevitable. We wish him all the best in his latest endeavour, the Master of Laws (LL.M) and all his future activities. We look forward to more collaborations with him in the very near future.

The Alumni Spotlight Team


  • Full Name: Adepoju Ismaila Arowolo Ph.D
  • Course of Study: PhD in Human Resource Management
  • Graduation Year: 2022
  • Current Professional Title: Human Resource Manager
  • Name of Employer (or indicate self-employed, retired):Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre (A Federal Government Agency) Abuja.
  • Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: 08035738549
  • LinkedIn:@Adepoju Arowolo
  • Facebook: @Adepoju Arowolo
  • Instagram: @Poju Arowolo
  • Twitter: @Arowolo Poju

Personal Career Statement

I have an LL.B Laws from Lead City University (2021) and qualified as a Chartered Marketer, both in Nigeria and UK, a Chartered Administrator and a certified HR professional from Australia. I worked as Head of Marketing in a private organisation before joining public sector.

As Editorial board Chairman of Lead City University's Faculty of Law's Law Journal, I had several outstanding achievements and set many records.

I am a Champion of HR Practice in Government Agencies with exemplary leadership traits.


Q1: Why did you choose to study at LCU?

I chose Lead City University because of the flexible fee payment opportunity and Lectures delivery styles. I love the friendly campus environment and the fact that the academic calendar runs smoothly and uninterrupted. The lecturers are very professional; they pay attention to all students, young or older.

Q2: What is your favourite memory of LCU; a class, a lecturer, an activity or an experience?

I have two. First, as a Law student, I enjoyed every moment of my Lectures, our unique yearly Law week, and the amazing Lecturers (like Dr Simeon Ola Oni, Dr. Ronke Adegbite, Dr. Abimbola, Dr Olu Ojedokun and others).

As Chairman of Editorial board of Law Faculty (2020/2021), I led the record making team that produced the most financially successful Law Journals to date. Our set in the Law Faculty became the first set to have five first class in the history of the University and I was among the top performers finishing in Second Class, Upper division.

As a PhD student, I had very good relationships with my lecturers, especially my Thesis supervisor, Dr. Tina Akinbo, Dr. Friday, Dr Onamusi, Professor Oyedokun and others.

Q3: What have you done since graduating from LCU?

I went back to my office but currently studying for my Masters of Law Degree (LLM) while waiting for mobilisation for Law school.

Q4: What is your current job role? And what does it involve?

I work in the Human Resources department. I superintend over some of the daily operations of the HR team and the needs of the staff of my organisation.

Q5: How did your education at LCU help you get to where you are now?

Well, as a matured student at Lead City University, I already had a well established career. However, since earning an LLB and a PhD, I have received a new level of respect from my colleagues, superiors and subordinates. I have also gained a new level of confidence and competence in decision making and in my interactions with colleagues. Since graduation also, and I have been called upon to deliver lectures in HR and Administration.

Q6: What advice would you give to prospective students of LCU?

Be focused, do your best to get into Lead City University so as to enjoy the wonderful environment and amazing lecture delivery style in order to achieve the greatness that you desire.

Q7: What advice would you give to LCU’s current students?

Study hard, work smart and prove to yourself that you can achieve your dreams.

Q8: Mention one or two of your proudest professional or personal accomplishments since graduating from LCU.

I have received recognitions from my colleagues, my Director General and my Friends; this has afforded me the opportunity of delivering speeches and lectures at events.

Q9: If you had it to do all over again, would you still choose LCU?

Yes, I will still choose LCU. As a matter of fact, I have returned for my LLM (Laws). The alumni rebate is an interesting icing on the cake.

Q10: If the opportunity presents itself, will you be happy to support the University or other LCU Alumni?




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